AOC Bandol

Come and share the secrets of this prestigious wine appellation

Wines are rather like artists. Some are universally famous, and others have to wait a long time for the recognition that they deserve. Bandol wines come into the latter category.

Bandol land, it is true, is only small, geographically speaking, and yet the gift of nature here has been a unique combination of radiant sunshine, stony ground and a mild coastal climate. The know-how and patience of the winegrower have done the rest.

Bandol wines, due to their limited production, will never be wines that you see on everybody’s table; but they could just become one of your own “rare pearls”… If you are ready to go looking for them.

BANDOL Guaranteed Vintages (AOC)

BANDOL Guaranteed Vintages (“Appelation d’Origine Contrôlée”) is among the oldest in France, and its production rules go back to 1941. But actually the land has been used in three different millennia since it was cultivated by the Romans, and closer to our own time, its wine was appreciated at Louis XV’s court.

The production area, with a full southern exposure, covers 1,100 hectares and receives 3,000 hours of sunlight a year. The Mediterranean prevents temperature extremes, and the amphitheater created by wooded hills protects the area from cold north winds.

The Bandol area has a wonderful microclimate with pluviometry not exceeding 650 m/m per year, together with silico-calcarious soil, and it produces about 40,000 hectoliters a year. The low yield hardly exceeds 36 hectoliters per hectare, avoiding dilution of the aromas and letting the wine reveal all the wealth of its flavors.

To deserve their Vintage Guarantee, the Bandol wines must come from the main varieties: Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Grenache.